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  • As the tailor measured her for a new blouse, she couldn't help but notice his strong hands and muscular arms. She could feel her heart racing as he leaned in close to take her measurements, his breath hot against her skin. Suddenly, he grabbed her roughly and pushed her against the wall, his hands roaming over her big tits. She moaned as he squeezed and fondled them, his lips trailing down her neck. With a fierce hunger, he ripped off her clothes, leaving her completely nude and exposed. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her, and she eagerly spread her legs for him. He pounded her hard and fast, the sound of their bodies slapping together echoing through the room. She couldn't help but scream in pleasure as he fucked her relentlessly, her body trembling with each thrust. It was a rough and intense encounter, but she couldn't French get enough. As they both reached their climax, she couldn't help but think that this was the best blouse fitting she had ever experienced. xxfff, sax hd com.
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